Coppelia Ballet Academy Student Registration

Coppelia Ballet Academy Studio Policies

General Policies
·      Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your child

·      For their safety, all students must be escorted into the studio before lessons and wait inside the studio to be picked up after lessons if parent does not stay for entirety of lesson

·      Ensure your student is with an instructor and in a lesson before leaving

·      No food or drink allowed in the studio (water ok)

·      Parents are responsible for monitoring all siblings not in lessons

·      Coppelia Ballet Academy and its staff are not liable for any damage to or losses of personal property or valuables

·      All imagery including, but not limited to, photographs and video recordings of a student is the sole property of Coppelia Ballet Academy and may be used at the discretion of Coppelia Ballet Academy for advertising/promotional purposes. A photo opt-out form may be requested

·      No person(s) allowed in the dance space without a Coppelia Ballet Academy instructor present

·      It is the responsibility of the parent to inform Coppelia Ballet Academy of any changes of enrollment

·      Coppelia Ballet Academy reserves the right to refuse service to anyone 

Tuition Policies
·      Studio tuition payments are non-refundable & non-transferable

·      Monthly tuition payments are due every four weeks of class

·      You are not charged for dates the studio is closed

·      Tuition is considered late on the 15th of each month

·      Single Class Drop-In tuition is due prior to the start of the class

·      The account holder is responsible for making tuition payments on time to avoid late fees & penalties

·      Overdue accounts are automatically charged late fees on the 1st of each month. Fees: $10 per month late

·      There are no credits given for missed lessons

Dress Code Policies
·      Students may wear a leotard of any color with pink tights and an optional skirt or tutu of any color

·      Boys may wear black athletic shorts with a T-shirt of any color

·      Please have your child wear pink or black ballet shoes

·      Students in the Dancing Dolls and Little Swans levels may wear their hair off the face in any fashion (e.g. bun, double buns, ponytail, braids, etc.). 

·      Students in the Prima Ballerinas level must wear their hair off the face and securely attached to the head (e.g. bun, double buns, pinned braids).