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Join our outdoor group classes in Manhattan Beach, CA or host your own pod in the Southbay Los Angeles area.

Welcome To Coppelia Ballet Academy

At Coppelia Ballet Academy, we believe dancing should always be fun! We strive to provide a nurturing place for young children to take their first steps into dance while building their creativity, motor skills and self-esteem.


What makes us different from other studios? At most dance studios, the main focus is placed on the advanced levels, leaving little time and energy for the younger classes. Our only focus is the younger classes! We understand the importance of giving young students the opportunities and the guidance they need to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally while having tons of fun. At Coppelia Ballet Academy, we are passionate about inspiring children with the magic of dance and we aim to impart a life-long love for the art.


Classes We Offer

Dance With Us


Dancing Dolls

2-3 years
30 min

This ballet based creative movement class is the perfect introduction to dance for your little one. Through the help of story-telling and imagery, students will learn the fundamentals of ballet and develop their motor skills in a fun setting.

Each class ends with a game, activity, or ballet story.

Little Swans

4-6 years
30 min

In the second level of our ballet based creative movement class, students will progress to learn more ballet terminology and technique. Students will also practice multi-step combinations and performing for their fellow dancers. 
Each class ends with a game, activity, or ballet story.

Prima Ballerinas

7-10 years
45 mins

This class is for children who are ready to move on to a more traditional ballet class but still enjoy and can benefit from imagery, songs, and games. This class consist of barre, center, and across the floor exercises.

Each class ends with a game, activity, or ballet story.

CBA Spirit

4-10 years
45 mins

In this youth cheerleading class, students will learn cheers, sideline dances, and beginner level stunting. With pom-poms in hand, students will also practice cheerleading arm motions and jumps. Each class ends with a game or activity.

Tap & Tumble

4-6 years
45 mins

This combination class allows students to explore both tap dancing and tumbling. In the first half, dancers will learn tap dancing basics and follow along to fun tap dances. We then switch to tumbling where students will roll, balance, stretch, and jump.

Each class ends with a game or activity.

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